In John’s speaking presentations, he shares the challenges and joys that newcomers face, aiming to foster understanding of their experiences.

Immerse your school community in the powerful narratives of John Kamara. Tailored for schools, charities, and church groups, John shares stories that resonate with students and educators. His presentations explore the triumphs and challenges faced by ‘new humans’ in Tasmania, offering insights into cultural diversity and fostering a sense of empathy and inclusivity.

Elevate your corporate environment with John Kamara’s insights on building realistic, inclusive workplace cultures. Tailored for business groups, his presentations delve into the dynamics of diversity and inclusion in professional settings. John addresses the impact of racism, offering valuable lessons and a unique perspective on creating a harmonious workplace. Aligning seamlessly with corporate values, his talks foster understanding among team members, promoting a culture of empathy and respect.

Make your event unforgettable with John Kamara as your speaker. His presentations highlight the experiences of  newcomers in Tasmania, emphasising both challenges and triumphs. From inspiring stories of resilience to thought-provoking discussions on community building, John fosters unity and inclusivity. With a focus on delivering profound insights, he ensures your event becomes a platform for positive change and connection, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.


Book John to raise your group’s awareness of the experiences that newcomers to Australia face, and address the painful impacts of racism, and the responsibility of bystanders to stand up to discrimination.